Wedding pricing is per event and not necessarily an hourly rate. Rates are based on prep time; length of the reception; location and whether the ceremony is included. I stress that bids are always negotiable. Rates start at $400.00 and I give discounts for Weddings held on any night except Saturday.

Rates for all other events start at $300.00 for any night except Saturday. Saturday night events start at $400.00( always open to negotiation). I do adjust rates for schools and other non-profit organization and multiple bookings.

TIPS: ARE NOT REQUIRED, HOWEVER: Some DJs do require tip as do some restaurants. With that being said l am in the customer service business and just like your bartender or waiter, I appreciate tips because they tell me I went the extra mile.

For any questions call Dave > (503)-598-9612 or email:born2danceproductions.com@gmail.com.